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Web Based Calendar (webbasedcalendar.com) launched!
We are proud to announce the launching of the new website for our web calendar software application aspWebCalendar.  The new website for our web calendar is www.webbasedcalendar.com.  Over the next several months we will be creating websites for each of our existing products as well as several new ones that we have in the pipeline.  Our web calendar has grown into a fantastic calendar application that is suitable for hosting a calendar of events on your website, or for running a complete network shared calendar for a workgroup of users on an intranet or extranet. 
We have just released some exciting new feature in our web calendar application that makes it easy to publish .ics based calendars that you can subscribe to in other applications, or on other devices like the iPhone.
Take a look around the new site and explore all the features of our web calendar software!
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