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Below you will find a detailed description of some of the key features of aspWebCalendar.  The script was designed to look and function exactly like a desktop application rather than a web based application.  Many of the features below can be found in some of the higher end desktop calendar software but are very rare when it comes to web based calendar software:

Create an unlimited number of users and groups in your installation.  This allows you to create complex rights structures and personalized calendar views and permissions.

aspWebCalendar supports the entire range of standard recurring events that you would expect in any modern calendar application.
Subscribe to calendars from your aspWebCalendar installation right on your iPhone!  You can even get notifications on your phone before your events.

Each user can have their own personal calendar but they can also choose to share their personal calendar with other users.
Subscribe to calendars from other applications published in the .ics format (like Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, etc.).  You can also publish your calendars via .ics and open them in other .ics compliant applications.

Using AJAX techniques aspWebCalendar now functions even more like a desktop application. Get the full benefit of a web based application with the ease of implementation of a web based application.
We include a read-only website display and embedding engine that allows you to easily integrate your calendar(s) with your existing website.
Setup a one way sync that pulls your users and groups in from your Active Directory setup... in a matter of minutes you can give everyone in your organization access to your calendars.  This feature also allows local intranet users to be singed in automatically.

You can now view your calendars side by side on the day, week, and new work week views. This allows you to easily compare schedules for different calendars, etc.

The new engine we have developed cuts down on queries to the database by nearly 70% resulting in a much faster application.

Built in color scheme interface that allows your users to change the entire look of the calendar using a simple drop down.

The script will work with SQL Server and Access right out of the box... we include instructions and a .SQL file to get things setup on your SQL server.

No need to install any components to use aspWebCalendar.. since the code is also just .asp you get full access to the source code to make any modifications that you need to fit the use you have for the calendar.

The script comes with everything you need to run it on SQL Server right out of the box.

Although the script was written to function primarily in Microsoft Internet Explorer we now better support FireFox and Safari and the experience should be the same across all the modern browsers.

You can setup all your preferences using a form online when logged into the calendar as the administrator... no need to edit and of the script files to set things up.

Now the calendar will fully support overnight events.

You can easily configure up to 4 different user defined fields for your database. This allows you to easily add your own fields to your system without making changes to the database structure.

Holding your mouse over an event shows a dynamic popup with the full event details.

Right clicking on events now gives you a menu of functions to perform on the event. Double clicking events opens them in an edit window, and double clicking on day blocks adds a new event to the clicked day.

You can now optionally allow or not allow double booking of a group!  This is a great new feature that makes it very easy to setup groups to reserve resources like conference rooms!

You can optionally have the day view jump right to 8:00am... this is a great feature if you intend to use the calendar during business hours only.

We offer full support for the 24 hour time format... you simply change one variable in the file and all the times will be drawn in 24 hour format rather than the standard 12 hour format.

Full featured day view contains an agenda type display of your events for the current day.

Week view easily allows you to see the entire week on a single screen.

Gives you a great representation of the month... the calendar will resize itself to fit your screen... no need to scroll around on the page just see to the last couple of days of the month.

New Work Week View shows calendars side-by-side with the entire work week (5 days, Monday thru Friday).

You can use the event filter option to filter the calendar to only show a group or set of groups events on the calendar at any given time... Easily create views that contain only the groups that pertain to your user.

The script has been tested and works well with European date formats... run your calendar in any country!

Each calendar can have its own specific color... easily differentiate what events pertain to what calendars by their color... The filter panel also has a built in legend for the groups.

When editing or deleting a recurring event you can specify whether or not you want to edit all the occurrences or just the one you have clicked on.

You now add a single event that spans several days... no need to enter an event more than once!

Allow any of your users to perform the administration functions in the calendar... that way you can have several people help maintain the calendar if you like.

Each event can contain a link to an external file or location... when click the link will open in a new window.

You can also add a file to any of your events... the script even has a built in component-less upload function.  Easily attach meeting notes or agendas to a given event.

All the date selection inputs use a popup mini calendar that have the dates with events highlighted.  There is no need to manually enter in your dates.

The event additions are all validated on the client side to make sure the users don't enter harmful data.

aspWebCalendars ICS publishing engine now supports .ics notifications.  If you subscribe to your calendars from aspWebCalendar on an iPhone, Windows Calendar, Outlook, etc those applications can notify you prior to your events with their notification engines. 

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