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aspWebCalendar contains several interfaces that can be used to view your calendar content. These interfaces were designed to allow you to get the most out of our product and they present the your calendars the best possible way in various mediums. Depending on your desired use for our calendar software you may find yourself utilizing one, or all of of these different interfaces... use the links below to explore these various interfaces, they are all included in a standard license of aspWebCalendar. Below you will find links to demos of the various interfaces that are part of aspWebCalendar.

Full Calendar Interface

This is the main calendar interface in aspWebCalendar. Its a full featured workgroup calendar engine. This interface requires users to login to the calendar. It is best suited for a network or extranet based implementation of aspWebCalendar where you need to provide your users with shared calendar resources in a flexible, cost effect way. You can launch a demo of aspWebCalendar that is hosted on our website using the link below. Remember to maximize the screen after the new demo window opens. You must login to view the calendar... You can do so using the following user information:

Username: admin
Password: password

Launch Demo

Website Display Engine

aspWebCalendar also includes a read-only website display engine... the primary purpose of this engine is to embed the entire calendar into your website WITHOUT the need for users to login... this interface also removes all the admin functions. You will still use the above interface to manage the events in your calendar but this interface will easily plug right into your intranet or website. It even includes an easy to implement template interface that allows you to design a standard HTML page to contain the calendar... this page could be part of your website or intranet and adding a single token to your html will include the calendar interface inside your custom site layout. Since this release of aspWebCalendar performs so many application like features it doesn't embed in websites well. That is why we created this website display engine... this should give you the best of both worlds!

Launch Website Display Engine

Embedding Examples

Realizing that sometimes you don't always want a complete calendar view or interface included on certain areas of your website we have designe a content embedding engine that will allow you to easily embed calendar data on ANY page of your website or intranet. This embedding engine is very flexible and is as easy to use as copying and pasting a few lines of HTML code into yoru webpage. That code will be replaced by the calendar content. You can embed small mini-calendars that link to your full calendar interface or the read-only engine, as well as event listings based on various time frames, and list of calendars that link to your full interface, the read-only engine, or to .ics versions of your calendars. The link below has a few examples of what kind of content you can embed on other pages.

Launch Embedding Samples

iPhone Calendar Listings

This interface provides your users with an easily accessbile list of calendars that has been formatted for the iPhone's web browser. From this list of calendars users can simple click on a link to subscribe to one of your calendars. The subscription uses the new .ics subscription interface in the 3.0 iPhone software and it allows you users to get a full updated read-only view of your calendars right on their iPhone... we even support notifications on your iPhone before the events!

.ics Based Calendars

Like the iPhone features above, since aspWebCalendar allows you to make your calendars available via the iCal (.ics) format, you can easily subscribe to your calendars in any .ics compliant application... that includes applications like Microsoft's Outlook, Apple's iCal, Google Calendars, Windows Calendar, and many more PIM applications. Use the orange .ics links below to subscribe to some of our sample calendars in your favorite PIM software.

NOTE: This calendar listing has been embedded using the content embedding interface listed above!

NOTE: Since aspWebCalendar is simply a .asp script and all the source code is exposed we do not offer a downloadable trial copy of the script... it would be very hard to limit the functionality of the script without making the demo pointless because the features you want to see were removed for demo purposes. If you have any questions that cannot be answered using this demo we encourage you to contact us via email with any questions that you have.





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