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aspWebCalendar can easily be setup to import users and groups from your active directory installation.  This new features makes setting up your intranet based calendar a breeze.  Just enter a vaild domain user record into the database and run the Active Directory Sync function.  This function will import all the users and groups, along with the group assignments for your users into your active directory installation.
During the import you can optionally assign all the users their own private calendars.  Just turn on Integrated Windows Authentication in IIS on the site running your aspWebCalendar installation and your users will automatically logged into your aspWebCalendar installation based on their Windows user account.
Easily setup your calendar for hundreds of users in a matter of minutes without the need to manage users and groups seperatly inside your aspWebCalendar installation.  You can even leverage your group assigments to easily assign calendar rights to entire departments based on your Active Directory group assignments.

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